Guatemala Después is a curatorial research project developed between The New School (School of Media Studies & Sheila C. Johnson Design Center) and Ciudad de la Imaginación, a contemporary arts organization based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. From an interdisciplinary and transnational perspective, the project explores the ways in which political and social realities in contemporary Guatemala have affected its artistic and cultural production in the aftermath of the “inner armed conflict” (1970-1996).

Guatemala Después’ Digital Collection is an effort to document multiple aspects of the project, to preserve the exhibited artworks in the digital form, and to engage new audiences online. It aims to become a valuable resource for artists, researchers, educators, and students in fields such as Arts, Memory Studies, History, or Central American Studies; as well as a space for Guatemalans to reflect on their historic memory, identity, and aspirations.

There are many ways to explore this digital collection:

Browse by Themes: We have organized Guatemala Después’ artworks and public programming around three main topics: Migration and Flows, Violence and Justice, and Alternative Epistemologies. Even though some of the pieces fit in more than one of these categories, exploring the exhibition in this way will help you understand the relationships and dialogues between the different artworks.

Browse by Exhibitions: Get an overview of the pieces included in the project browsing by artwork.

Browse by Artwork: Get an overview of all the pieces included in the project by browsing by artwork.

Browse by Creator: The artworks in Guatemala Después are the result of collaborations between artists, social scientists, graphic designers, copywriters, and community activists, among others. Get to know their profiles browsing by creators.