Iba para arriba, iba para abajo / I went up, I went down

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What are the circumstances and factors that determine the migratory flows of the American Dream? Through following the ever decreasing monetary nets of dollars and quetzales to depart, arrive, be, send and spend, the project reflects on the complex relations between identity, poverty, machismo, and racism from which one departs and at which one arrives. What are the possibilities and challenges in a globalized, financially unequal world? We started with $250.00 which the project Guatemala Después conferred for the production of each project. This amount was changed to quetzales due to the change value of the date. In a next step, the quetzales were used to buy dollars in a normal system bank. With this sum, a transfer to the volunteers in New York was paid, who were then able to print banners hung in public spaces around the city and complete the cost of the whole transfer.